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Feel like a little freshness? Don't worry, salad doesn't necessarily rhyme with plain water... but rather with a feast. To the fateful question, can you drink wine with a salad? We say a big yes! You just need to know how to match the right wine with the right food... Follow our advice to know which wine to choose to accompany your summer salads!

What wine with rice salad? The Maestral cuvée of the Domaine des Maravilhas

A creamy rice salad with white tuna, finely seasoned with chives and coloured with a few cherry tomatoes. The wine you need: the Maestral cuvée from Domaine des Maravilhas: a cuvée of character to accompany it masterfully!

Here, we find the lovely floral expression and lingering finish of Clairette, punctuated by a refreshing hint of bitterness. The Grenache Blanc adds to the mouth with a beautiful amplitude.

A white wine combining structure and tonicity to liven up a rice salad without being overpowered.

What wine with tabbouleh? The Bandol rosé of Château Salettes

A crunchy tabbouleh can't do without a rosé! In Bandol, the Château Salettes has concocted a gastronomic wine to sublimate our plate.

An exquisitely fruity nose (yellow peach, apricot, melon), a full, powerful mouth with a lemony finish. Un expressive and delicious rosé to coat our tabbouleh grains.

How about a red wine with a salad? Choose the Carignan of the Domaine Le Plan-Vermeersch

A Carignan from the Domaine Le Plan-Vermeersch, with a nose fond of jammy black berries and fresh figs. Dense on the palate, coated with ripe tannins, which lingers on dark chocolate aromas.

A generous wine to give the answer to a slightly atypical salad: al dente pasta, served cold, with dried duck breast, black olives, dried tomatoes and pine nuts.

Now that you're familiar with the choice of vintages, all you have to do is pick out some lovely salad bowls!

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