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Are you tired of always having the same cocktails at your parties with friends? Do you want to change some mojitos and gin and tonics?! We have prepared some surprising cocktail ideas to make your taste buds travel and seduce your friends! Forward! Forward!

Sunset: for romantics

coucher de soleil - Blog les grappes

The color of a setting sun in your glass... a whole program. Bring a bottle of rosé and let's go for the summer cocktail!

Ingredients: 1 bottle of dry rosé wine + 15 cl Pulco Orange + 5 cl Cognac + 5 cl cane sugar syrup.

Recipe: the ingredients are mixed in a one-litre bottle: first cane sugar, then cognac, Pulco and finally rosé wine. We serve the cocktail very fresh.

Angevine Soup: for the gourmet gourmet

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Current kitchen

Well, its name is less sexy than a sunset but this cocktail is very refreshing and gourmet. Made in Pays de la Loire, original aperitif guaranteed!

Ingredients: 1 bottle of Crémant or sparkling wine + 1 ladle of lemon juice + 1 ladle of cane sugar syrup + 1 ladle of orange liqueur (Grand Marnier or Cointreau type)

Recipe: mix the ingredients (very fresh!) in a bowl, just before serving the cocktail. Angevin soup can be served in a flute.

Le Blanc Limé: for the classics

blanc limé - blog les grappes
Ducourt Vineyard - white limed

Heading southwest, the ocean and surfers... Cocktail easy to make!

Ingredients: 1 bottle of Sauvignon Blanc + 50 cl lemonade + 1 lemonade

Recipe: in a large bowl, mix the fresh white wine and iced lemonade. Once the mixture is served by the glass, a slice of lemon is added. Easy! Easy!

La Marquisette: for those in search of finesse

La marquisette - blog les grappes

Its bourgeois name takes us to Marie-Antoinette's gardens. A charming cocktail made from champagne and white wines to be enjoyed in glasses and not flutes, even more chic!

Ingredients: 1 bottle of white wine + 1 bottle of champagne + lime and lime + sugar.

Recipe: Marinate wine, lemon juice and sugar 24 hours in advance. Just before serving, add the lime cut into small pieces and the champagne. A delight, to be served very fresh and in moderation. This nice cocktail might well be a little treacherous!

The Spritz: for Italians at heart

spritz - blog les grappes
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Historical cocktail, appreciated by Italians and especially Venetians, it is a must. Run away from those who don't like bitterness, it usually makes humanity when summer arrives and the terraces fill up.

Ingredients: 1 bottle of Prosecco + 1 bottle of Apérol or Campari + 1 bottle of sparkling water.

Recipe: 3 doses of Prosecco, 2 doses of Apérol or Campari and 1 dose of sparkling water. Serve chilled with a little crushed ice and add a slice of fresh orange to your glass.


The B.I.F: for the nostalgic of the Roaring Twenties

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Weddings ideas

For British Industries Fair, this cocktail was created in the 1960s in Manhattan. Historical, it is updated in several American series such as the Sopranos or Breaking Bad and Better call Saul and the famous character of Saul Goodman who is a fan of it.

Ingredients: 1 cl of crème de cassis + 2 cl of blue curacao + 7 cl of white wine

Recipe: Serve the ingredients slowly one by one to reveal "nuances" of blue in the glass. Serve preferably in a flute and fresh of course!

Wine Caïpi: for adventurers

wine caipi - blog les grappes
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The tropics and wine: an explosive mix!

Ingredients: 2 cl raspberry cream + 12 cl sweet white wine + 1 piece of ginger + 1 lime wedge

Recipe: Press the lime into the glass on ice cubes. Add the white wine and then the raspberry cream. Finish by incorporating the grated ginger and mix.

Decorate if you like with a pretty red fruit skewer.

Cheers! Cheers!

Marie-Charlotte Antonini (for Les Grappes)

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