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To finish your meal in honour of the Chinese New Year, you can choose to present coconut balls, or coconut balls that you will have to accompany with wine. The time has come to choose the bottle: you will have to find a wine that matches the exotic and sweet flavours of this dessert. Les Grappes offers you some tips to make dessert a tasty moment!

If you are in a hurry

In case of emergency, choose a dry white wine from Alsace to enhance your desert. It is the perfect match, simple and easy to find. Play on the mix of flavours to make your accompaniment a success.

The perfect match

boules de coco 2

For this rather sweet dessert, it is necessary to bring a touch of acidity and freshness with an aromatic dry white wine. This type of wine will enhance the heaviness of the coconut balls. You can thus choose a dry white wine from Alsace, which will go perfectly with this dessert.

If you are more greedy, you can opt for a sweet white wine that is quite powerful and slightly woody. This way you can serve a soft white Jurançon for example.

The ideal appellations

Your choices are made for dessert, so choose THE bottle that will be perfect with the Coconut Balls. So we selected a Gewurztraminer. Alsatian wines are a perfect match for this combination. You can also choose a Condrieux, also an aromatic dry white wine.
If you have chosen a sweet wine, choose a sweet white Montlouis-Sur-Loire.

Les Boules de coco... an original dessert

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We eat little or no dessert in China: we tend to prefer fresh fruit, fruit desserts... among which we find coconut balls made from coconut milk and grated coconut. This dessert is known for its surprising texture and exotic flavours.

Marie Lecrosnier-Wittkowsky (for the Grappes)

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