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If you are in a hurry

Drink with dry and light white wine

With a pork and crispy vegetable nem, you should choose a light, dry white wine that quenches and counterbalances the fat in the dish. Fruity wines are ideal to bring delicacy to the accord, with notes of peach, vine or citrus fruits, and even spicy notes for more persistence in the mouth. For more festivities, we can go for a sparkling wine, which will be even more refreshing! The bubbles will bring pep and elegance to the nems.

The best appellations with pork nem

The white wines of Alsace are perfect with pork nemme. An Alsace Sylvaner is a fruity wine that will refresh your dish. Try also a Pinot gris, or a Muscat if your nem has strong salty/sweet mixtures. In the Rhône Valley, try a Saint-Joseph that will bring spices to nems. If you want to be original, taste a Beaujolais Rouge. Its lightness and fruitiness will go perfectly with your pork nems.

A dish of Vietnamese origin

You probably think that nem comes from Chinese cuisine... In fact, it's a Vietnamese recipe! At first, it was a plate full of vegetables and meat. It was called the Spring Plate. The nem paste arrived much later, to roll up these assortments, hence its other name: "Les rouleaux de Printemps".
Nem has developed throughout Asia and has become the standard for Chinese cuisine. Made of pork and vegetables, it is also available in a variety of flavours, salty or sweet.
In China, nem is a lucky dish since it welcomes the New Year and keeps disasters at bay... In France, no matter how symbolic, you can eat nems with wine for even more delicacies!

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