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This year the Chinese New Year will take place on January 28th. This is the year of the Red Fire Rooster. On this occasion we come back to some typical Chinese dishes to suggest you to match them with wines. Today, lights on Chinese noodles. Les Grappes offers you some tips to accompany your dish!

If you are in a hurry

In case of emergency, you will have to choose a white wine: either a sweet white wine rather young, or a dry primeur wine.

  • A wine from Alsace
  • A wine from the South of France.

The perfect match

nouilles chinoises diner

Chinese noodles are a fairly fatty dish, often served in sauce: you will need a lively wine to counter the fat in the dish. Alternatively, you can stay in the flavor palette and choose a wine that will match the sweet flavors of the dish.

For this reason we offer you to serve white wines!

Choose a sweet white wine that is rather young, preferably from Alsace vineyards: Vouvray Mousseux or Crémant de Die or Clairette de Die. The freshness of these wines will underline the sweet and sometimes acidic side of the dish.

If you prefer to accentuate the opposition to the heaviness of the dish, turn to a young dry white wine, preferably from the south of France. For example, choose a Muscadet primeur or a white Languedoc that will go perfectly with shrimp noodles.

The ideal appellations

To accompany your Chinese noodles, turn to a dry white wine Côtes de Provence, or a sweet white wine Alsace Vendanges tardives Riesling.

If it is a special occasion, you can choose an Alsatian wine Grand Cru Fustentum late harvest Gewurztraminer to mark the occasion!

Chinese Noodles, a varied dish


If this dish can be enjoyed in any season, it is probably because the ingredients you can use vary. Indeed, noodles are served with different ingredients such as shrimps, vegetables, and different seasonings, such as ginger or sweet and sour sauce...

So in front of this large panel of noodles, we suggest you to choose some wines that will match the dish in general.

Marie Lecrosnier-Wittkowsky (for Les Grappes)

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