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Did you know that? China is the world's largest consumer of red wine! Perhaps because in them, the colour red is a sign of joy and happiness.
With your caramel pork, red wine is a frequent accompaniment in China. We recommend a sweet, fruity and sweet red wine with discreet tannins. Explosions of flavours are allowed with aromas of red fruit, liquorice and spices, but also scents reminiscent of ginger.
White is also allowed even if the color represents sadness and grief in China! Silky and sweet wines with a golden colour enhance the caramel very well.

The best appellations for caramel pork

On the red side, Rhône Valley wines such as Rasteau are sweet and natural wines with aromas of red fruits and spices. Dry and young wines are also relevant, such as the Languedoc Grès de Montpellier, or the red Côtes du Rhône.
On the white side, you can try a Banyuls with its golden, almost amber colour and candied fruit aromas. For a lighter wine, choose an Alsatian wine such as a gewurztraminer. Enjoy your meal!

Long live sweet salt!

Caramel pork comes from Vietnamese cuisine but it is also a very popular dish among the Chinese. At Les Grappes, it is probably the dish you prefer when you order food at lunchtime! This dish blends the salty taste of pork with the sugar of caramel, and even the spice of ginger! The textures are rich, the stringy pork is immersed in the gourmet caramel sauce, and is often served with rice. Pork is sometimes replaced by fish or beef for an equally gourmet recipe.

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