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Because of its acidity in the cabbage, sauerkraut goes well with dry, mineral and refreshing white wines. There are some:

Sauerkraut and wine: a marriage of delicate taste

Between cabbage, which is sour and very aromatic, and sausages with a smoky and sweet taste, it is very difficult to find a wine that can accompany these two flavours. One cannot talk about sauerkraut without mentioning beer, and it remains a very popular traditional accompaniment. For good reason, German and Belgian sauerkraut is recommended by experts, as it is strong in taste.

If, like us, you are wine enthusiasts, you will have the choice between red and white! The white wine will go wonderfully with cabbage, it should be chosen dry, with mineral notes, refreshing, to reduce the acidity of the cabbage. The second part of the dish, sausages, bacon and other delicatessen delicacies, calls for red wine and we can serve with sauerkraut a red wine with very light tannins, so as not to add harshness to the dish, and smoky notes, joining the bacon.

The ideal wine appellations with sauerkraut

In white, no revolution: an Alsatian wine is made to go with Alsatian sauerkraut: in Alsace Riesling and Sylvaner will be ideal. Loire white wines such as Sancerre, dry Vouvray or Cheverny go perfectly with sauerkraut. Burgundy lovers will be delighted with a Petit Chablis. In red the corresponding wines are the Pinots Noirs of Alsace, wines from Touraine or Sancerre in the Loire and finally, in Beaujolais, the Saint-Amour.

Cabbage, bacon and white wine: an old story

Fermented cabbage: the main, unavoidable and so particular ingredient of Alsatian sauerkraut... This fermentation process comes from Alsace, having arrived from Germany, which had received it from China, which would have invented it 3000 years before our era! Today tasted in 15 different countries, sauerkraut is multiple, but in France it is the Alsatian sauerkraut, with its characteristic sausage battery, that has the coast. The white wine is used in the ingredients of sauerkraut, white, dry, it and perfect to accompany the acidity of cabbage during cooking. However, like the tartiflette, it is not necessarily the wine that goes into the composition of the dish that will be the best choice to serve alongside it.

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