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If you are in a hurry

  • For a simple pizza like a Margherita or a Quatre Fromages, choose a white wine from the Loire (Sancerre) or Roussillon.
  • For more "meaty" pizzas such as Regina or Parma, Beaujolais or sparkling wines that are more rosy.

No more classic pizza beer, we want red and white!

Forget the classic pizza-beer... Today pizza is a convivial dish that is often enjoyed with friends. But then what wine can be served with pizza?! It will all depend on the "type" of pizza. For example, simple pizzas, mainly made with cheese, herbs and tomatoes such as Margherita, will go well with a white wine that will support and balance the cheese with its fruity, fresh and mineral taste, without even disappearing in front of the Italian cheeses, sometimes a little strong.
As pizzas are more meat-based, they will go better with light red wines, which will highlight the simple taste of a Regina for example, and reveal the tomato. So the wine goes well with pizza!

But then which wine to choose?

For "simple" pizzas like Margherita or the famous four cheeses, we will prefer a white wine like Sancerre or even a raw champagne or a crémant sometimes! Rosé wines work just as well with pizza as long as they are fruity and well balanced like some Bordeaux rosé wines. So you can go on a rosé Blaye that is well fruity. Red wine can work as long as it is light and fruity like Beaujolais. There is also a rosé sparkling wine that will do the trick, which goes well with pizza.

PIZZZA, a simple dish looking for a perfect wedding wine.

Pizza has its origins in antiquity, where it was presented as a simple cake with some toppings. Pizza as we know it today has its origins in Italy, in the North, in Naples to be precise. Nowadays present all over the world in different forms and ways of preparing it, it remains a convivial dish for which one would be tempted to say that wine does not pass, whereas this is not true, pizza says yes to wine!

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