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With a tartiflette, we recommend:

Tartiflette: which wine to serve with a wine-based dish?

Tartiflette is an inexpensive dish that feeds its man, we tend to think that with a rustic dish you can serve just about any wine...Error! The richness of the tartiflette and its flavour needs very aromatic wines. We really recommend whites, with enough power to exist alongside the tartiflette, their youth will be an asset. These wines must also be very fresh to balance the richness of the tartiflette.

The ideal appellations with a tartiflette

To taste this dish with Savoyard reblochon, Savoyard wines are very popular: Jongieux-Blanc, Roussette and Chignin-Bergeron de Savoie will go perfectly with the tartiflette and its cheese. To be sure to have the ideal aromatic power Les Grappes also recommends the white wines of the Rhône valley: Chateauneuf-du-Pape and Crozes-Hermitage, as well as the Saint-Joseph.


The tartiflette: white wine on the plate

The bacon, the fresh cream, the potatoes, the onions, the reblochon, of course, and the white wine! Raclette and wine is not only a love story in the glass, but also on the plate. Explosions of flavours, salty, sweet and fat, the tartiflette is not lacking in taste. After a day spent in the cold, a real "hit" in mountain restaurants, the tartiflette has also made a place for itself in all the homes that love cheese and Savoyard dishes.

It warms because it is hearty, but also because the tartiflette is cooked with white wine, which adds a touch of warmth to the plate. To stay with local products, the Savoyard "tariflette" is often cooked with dry white wines... from Savoie!

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