What to drink with the summer dishes?

When the heat comes, we look for a breath of freshness in our plates and glasses. Fortunately, there is no shortage of good wine choices. Here are a few ideas to pair your summer dishes.

What wine with the summer salad?

It all depends on the salad! For the classic summer salad, often called "la niçoise", composed of rice, white tuna, black olives, cherry tomatoes, we advise you to stay in the regional agreement with a rosé wine of Provence : aromatic, light and fruity. This being said, a very dry white wine, or a slightly sparkling wine, such as a pearl wine from Gaillac, with a floral palate and fresh bubbles, will also go very well with a salad by bringing a touch of vivacity.

A cuvee Les Grappes : Les Terres Basses 2018, Domaine de Laballe

If we change the scenario with the southwest salad, we change the whole deal. Based on duck breast, bacon and garlic bread, this salad requires a more structured red wine to accompany the power of the duck, but also very fruity, almost on the candied fruits and with a bit of character. In this style, Carignan, the emblematic grape variety of the Corbières Boutenac appellation, is a very good choice: power and acidity that brings freshness while bringing character and strength.

A cuvée Les Grappes : Désir Carmin 2017, Domaine de Perreau

With the classic "melon - ham": what are we drinking?

At first glance, it is not easy to accompany such a contrary agreement: the freshness and delicacy of the melon, all in sweetness, with the fat and the character of the ham. A white wine to accompany the melon or a red wine with the ham? What about rosé wine? The best compromise is a fruity red wine, but very slightly tannic, with just a touch of character to support the character of the ham. Or, a rosé wine but with sustained colours. These rosé wines, which are often made with more maceration than wines with pale colours, are more expressive, more structured, more tannic: in short, more relevant to melon-ham.

A vintage Les Grappes : Clos du Saut au Loup 2018, Domaine Dozon

Which wines with summer fish?

Who says holidays at the water's edge, says fish meal. Once again, pay attention to the generalities, because to each cooking its white wine, to each sauce its white wine, to each preparation its white wine. Overall and with rare exceptions, the white wine that accompanies fish is very dry, mineral and slightly iodized. Regional agreements generally work wonders. It's a fact, the appellations of the seaside often produce iodized white wines that blend harmoniously with fish: Bordeaux, Muscadet ... a coincidence? I don't think so.

A cuvée Les Grappes : Saint Pierre Tucaou 2016, Château Ferran

Le classico : Barbecue and red wine

Light red wines or strong rosé wines accompany summer barbecues.

The must-have. The meat cooked on embers and the aromas are powerful and grilled. But it's hot and there's no need to reinforce the impression of warmth with a wine that's too warm. So change your habits and try a red wine that is not too tannic, light and fruity, but very expressive so as not to be dominated by grilled food. A pinot from Burgundy or Alsace?

A cuvée Les Grappes : Côtes du Rhône 2018, Domaine d'Ouréa

The tabbouleh likes rosé wine

And the rosé wine likes tabbouleh. Anyway, here is a simple and successful agreement, a summer classic that we never get tired of. The tabbouleh, crisp and fresh, lemony and tart, often mixing sweet/savoury on one side. The rosé wine is fruity and aromatic, with apricot, red fruit or melon notes on the other side. Together, it is a successful chord.

Numerous non-woody white wines, fruity or floral, will also accompany very pleasantly the tabbouleh. On the other hand, we do not advise red wines with tabbouleh, the tannins will bring too much power and will unbalance the harmony.

A cuvée Les Grappes : Rosé Fleuri 2018, Château Barbebelle

A universal white wine for universal summer meals

Pies and salads go elegantly with dry and fruity white wines

Simple meals are sometimes the most succulent and deserve good wines to accompany them. From cold quiches to vegetable pies accompanied by green salad and raw vegetables, these classic summer meals bring nature and freshness to the plate. In glasses, the wine should be white, mineral, slightly floral. You will find these wine profiles on the banks of the Loire or in the in-between seas.

A cuvée Les Grappes : Libertynages, Château de Nages

Manon Mouly for Les Grappes

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