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A pretext for all kinds of delicacies, brunch puts under the guests' noses a sweet and sour salmigondis of hot and cold dishes that are by definition already accompanied by drinks: fruit juices and hot drinks. This is the height of the challenge we have decided to take up by offering to accompany your weekend brunch with a small bottle of wine! Discover our tips for successful Brunch wine pairings.

New York Brunch - light red wine

How to write about Brunch without mentioning America and New York! And it was precisely in the heart of this city, at the famous Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, that a major brunch event was invented: the Benedictine Egg (a poached egg placed on a slice of bacon and a muffin topped with hollandaise sauce.)

Add to that pancakes largely topped with caramel, cheesecake, potatoes, a variety of sausages and bacon and of course scrambled eggs: you have a perfect American, or English, brunch in front of you.

Faced with this rage of flavours, salty and sweet, textures, hot and cold, we offer a red wine that is fairly light and delicately spicy, with fairly supple tannins: try a Beaujolais Village, a Cru du Beaujolais (Moulin à Vent, Chénas, Fleurie...) or, if you prefer wines with more body, a Côtes-du-Rhône (Ventoux Rouge, Costières de Nîmes, Côtes du Rhône village).

As for coffee or tea, drink it first with your pancakes or scones, it will give way to wine.

Wines recommended with an American or English brunch:

Beaujolais Village, Cru du Beaujolais (Moulin à Vent, Chénas, Fleurie...), Côtes-du-Rhône (Ventoux Rouge, Costières de Nîmes, Côtes du Rhône village), Bourgogne Rouge (Hautes Côtes de Beaune, Hautes Côtes de Nuits, Côte chalonnaise, Mâcon, Mercurey...)

Norwegian Brunch / Scandinavian - white wine

A classic variation, Nordic brunch can be reinvented over and over again, but is based on a number of basic products: smoked fish, tarama, fish egg, all laid on rye bread toast. As an accompaniment to all these products: an artichoke salad or beautiful seasonal white asparagus. On the sweet side, blinis and cranberry marmalade or blueberry and honey cottage cheese.

Smoked fish such as salmon are fatty products, their flavour can be very salty as in the case of herring, rounder in the case of salmon or tuna, or even slightly sweet if the latter is gravlax.

We will choose a Bordeaux Blanc, an Entre-deux-Mers, a Graves Blanc composed of a blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon, so the balance between vivacity and roundness will enhance the qualities of the fish.

Fish eggs (trout, salmon...) and tarama (cod, sea urchin) are also a must for a real Nordic brunch! Their texture can be quite confusing and leave you thinking about the ideal wine pairing. The important thing is to respect the salty and marine nature of these products.

The suggestion: a white wine of the Chenin blanc grape variety, from a beautiful Loire terroir such as Montlouis, Vouvray or Savennières, salty wines almost iodized, with a beautiful vivacity. Also suitable for Sancerre blanc and other Pouilly-Fumé wines of the Sauvignon Blanc grape variety or a pretty Muscadet for those who are looking for liveliness. The more adventurous will try a match with a smoked and iodized whisky from Islay Island.

Wines recommended with a Scandinavian brunch made with fish:

Bordeaux Blanc (Entre-deux-mers, Graves Blanc), Loire blanc (Montlouis, Vouvray, Savennières, Sancerre blanc, Pouilly-Fumé, Muscadet)

French brunch - Champagne!

Why should brunch be so exotic?

Plan beautiful golden pastries, apple-carrot fruit juice, fried ratt potatoes, cottage cheese with mustard seeds and pink berries, beautiful slices of cooked ham... don't forget the poached eggs. Sweet note: a nice Norman apple pie or pancakes, a great alternative to pancakes.

To accompany this tricolour brunch: a slightly sweet white wine such as Pinot Gris d'Alsace, or even a Gewurtztraminer or, for bubble lovers, an extra-dry or brut Champagne.

For red wine lovers, let's go for a light, slightly tannic red: Pinot Noir d'Alsace or Jura, Anjou rouge, Touraine rouge, Reuilly rouge, Menetou-Salon rouge. On sunny days, we will choose a rosé, a classic such as a Côtes de Provence rosé, or, for a change, a Bordeaux rosé, and for those who love sugar, a Cabernet d'Anjou, a fairly sweet rosé de Loire.

Looking for a change? Add a touch of madness with some foie gras toast (or French caviar from the Gironde estuary). With that a bottle of Champagne Rosé or Vintage is required, and the afternoon looks promising.

Wines recommended with a French brunch:

Pinot Gris d'Alsace, Gewurztraminer, Champagne, Champagne rosé, Pinot Noir d'Alsace, Anjou rouge, Touraine rouge, Reuilly rouge, Menetou-Salon rouge, Bordeaux rosé, Loire rosé, Côtes de Provence rosé, Cabernet d'Anjou

Italian Brunch

Brunch is an Anglo-Saxon expression but it is not forbidden to use it in a Latin version, which is what more and more trendy Italian restaurants are doing.

Salty side: Boiled farm egg and truffle butter mouillettes, various mini bruschettas, smoked and sliced scamorza, bean salad and san daniele, white ham with herbs...

Sweet side: Sheep's yoghurt, panettone, panna cotta with pistachio, Viennese pastries, and of course Bomboloni (these little Italian donuts)...

Italian brunch naturally gives way to classic transalpine flavours!

Red and white wines can be served with these varied appetizers. First of all Italian whites, Pinot Grigio from Tuscany, Bianco di Custoza from Veneto, and light transalpine reds such as a bardolino or a valpolicella both from Veneto. But to really have fun, have fun with a bottle of Prosecco, the famous Italian effervescent, it will give a really festive side to your brunch. If you can't find any Italian wine, let yourself be tempted by a Pinot Gris d'Alsace or a red Ajaccio!

Wines recommended with an Italian brunch:

Pinot Grigio, Bianco di Custoza, Bardolino, Valpolicella, Prosecco

Enjoy your meal, and enjoy your tasting!

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