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If you are in a hurry

The pork tenderloin is rather neutral in taste, so it is with the sauce or accompaniment that the wine should be served!

Different recipes for different wines

The plain pork tenderloin is tender and fine, its taste is light, so the wine that accompanies it will be as light and not too present in the mouth. That said, it needs enough fruitiness to accompany the meat with its aromas. Red wines such as Sancerre, Saumur for the Loire and Premières-Côtes de Bordeaux for the Bordeaux vineyards are recommended.

With the traditional fruit filet mignon, the acidity of the cooked fruit must be balanced by a powerful and generous wine. Those from the South of France, such as Madiran in the South-West, Pessac-Léognan in Bordeaux or Saint-Joseph in the Rhone Valley will bring welcome notes of red fruits.

If you have planned a pork filet mignon with mustard, you will have to accompany the melting side of the sauce and the dish with aromatic but not too tannic wines, so as not to carry away the mouth! The appellation Cornas in the Rhone Valley corresponds, the wines of Morey-Saint-Denis in Burgundy or Sancerre in the Loire will also be perfect. The whites from the Côtes-de-Provence, in Provence are also adapted.

Finally if you eat filet mignon with mushrooms, white wine is the most recommended, indeed both dishes are delicate, white Burgundies like Rully and Meursault or Condrieu in the Rhone Valley are fat, fruity wines that will go wonderfully with your pork filet mignon with mushrooms!

Filet-mignon: a meat for wines

The Filet-mignon, the tenderest part of the pork, with a delicate taste, not too pronounced... and which can be cooked with just about anything ! This choice part can be cooked in sauce, with mustard, with fruits, with various toppings... It is not the meat that is the problem but the accompaniments... We will try here to bring you as many elements as possible so that, whatever the recipe, you are always ready to draw the right bottle!

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