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vignes printemps
While the vines bud in the vineyards, the first spring vegetables and fruits invite themselves onto our plates. Which wines to accompany them?

With the month of April, it is spring that comes to the fore. With it, vegetables, fruits and other tasty dishes appear on the plates. To better enjoy the first rays of sunshine and for even more pleasure, here are some tips to match wines and spring dishes.

Asparagus, a difficult but not impossible food and wine pairing

Asparagus, a symbol of spring, goes well with a dry and mineral white wine

Asparagus are considered one of the most difficult dishes to match with wine. The very vegetal flavours, the bitterness or the fibrous texture make the marriage complicated. However, if tannins are not recommended because of the bitterness of asparagus, a dry, mineral, non-woody white wine ensures a successful match.

White or green asparagus? The former are white because they grow underground and do not see daylight. They have a soft texture and subtle aromas. To support them, focus on a sauvignon from the Loire Valleywithout any trace of wood, with a beautiful vivacity, vegetal and mineral notes. The result is very harmonious.

With green asparagus, softer and more vegetal, prefer dry white wines from the Rhône valley, a viognier or one marsanneExpressive with a dominant yellow fruit flavour that will balance the slightly bitterer flavours of green asparagus.

The vegetable pie is served with a fresh wine

tartes au légumes
Vegetable pie, green salad, dry white wine: spring on the table

Small fresh vegetables are served on plates, in pies and quiches and are served with green salad. The fresh and colourful dishes are back and go well with a fresh white wine that enhances the vegetable notes of the vegetables. A dry, acidulous, fresh white wine, without maturing on wood, goes perfectly with the spring dish.

Veal blanquette and red wines from the Loire

Spring is the season of veal blanquetteOften accompanied by a spring garnish: peas, beans, carrots and onions. The successful marriage with the tender and tasty pulpit of the calf? A red wine moderate in alcohol and of low extraction. A Gamay from the Loire Valley for example, fresh, gourmet and slightly spicy. Or a cabernet Franc de Saumur Champigny with a very expressive fruitiness.

Spring desserts with a Natural Sweet Wine

fraises et chocolat
Easter chocolate and red wine: a gourmet accord

The famous Easter chocolates, strawberries tasty, the first ones orchard fruits are the main desserts of spring... The taste buds are delighted to rediscover the sweet flavours, signs of the sunny days. Chocolate goes perfectly with red wine: Côtes du Rhône wines or the Languedoc offer dense and concentrated wines, with red fruits, that blend wonderfully with cocoa. For the most gourmet, try a Natural Sweet Wine of Roussillon with the chocolate. Candied fruits, aromas of nuts and orange peels sublimate the fondant and cocoa.

With strawberries and fruitsturn to a sweet and delicate white wine from Jurançonan expressive gewurztraminer ofAlsace or a Muscat from the Languedoc, that will perfectly coat the flavor of the fruit.

Manon Mouly for Les Grappes

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