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The ideal match with a salted crepe are wines from Provence that are generally very light and sunny, such as a Coteaux varois in Provence or a Côtes du Rhône Villages.

A discreet dish to be served with a sweet and light wine

Certainly, the wine goes very well with a salty pancake but it is a capricious alcohol and of a gastronomic delicacy: let us avoid catastrophic agreements!
Ham, egg, melted emmental, and why not mushrooms, the toppings of the whole pancake are foods that are not strong in taste. Be careful not to crush the flavours of your crepe with a wine that is too strong and powerful.

With salty pancakes you can therefore let yourself be seduced by light reds. The wine must be gourmet, round and light, with supple and discreet tannins. It can be fruity, but let's forget about too spicy wines. So go for sun-drenched wines from the south of France that remind us of Italy and other Latin countries. Why not try with tomato sauce to add Italian flavours!

The ideal appellations for salted crepes

We recommend wines from Provence which are generally very light and sunny, such as Coteaux Varois in Provence or Côtes du Rhône Villages.

Crepe and wine: An astonishing but gourmet combination!

Historians have shown that the origin of the crepe dates back to 7000 years BC! Moreover, we were not talking about "crepe" at that time, but rather "galette", like the famous buckwheat galettes from Brittany. The old pancakes, or cakes, were made with a pasty mixture of several cereals. Thanks to the cultivation of buckwheat, the salted cake that we know today appeared in 13th century in Brittany, then later it was made with white wheat flour.
Today, we can no longer do without this gourmet dish, so easy to prepare: the traditional complete crepe. It is very often tasted with a bowl of cider, but contrary to popular belief, it can be very surprising and delicious with wine!

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