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On the occasion of the Chinese New Year, Les Grappes offers you some food and wine pairings around Chinese cuisine. Indeed, if you play the game and present a Chinese meal, don't miss the wine that will perfectly match your dishes. Here, make way for Chinese fondue, an essential part of Chinese cuisine. Here are some tips to accompany your dish!

If you are in a hurry

If you are short of time and want to save time by choosing your wine, head for the white wines of Alsace. These are the simple solution to accompany your dish: light, dry and fruity, they will perfectly match your Chinese Fondue.

The perfect match

fondue ch 2

To accompany your Chinese fondue, there is nothing better than a dry white wine that is rather young. These still wines will underline the lightness of your dish and will go perfectly with the fish you can put in your fondue. Thus an Alsatian wine, dry, fruity and nervous can sublimate your Chinese fondue.
For a more gourmet wine, you can also have a sweet white wine, which will add a sweet touch to your dish. Since fondue is a light dish, a soft white Jurançon could, for example, bring a touch of delicacy that will enhance your dish.
If you prefer a red wine, choose it also rather young and dry, always to stay in line with the aromas of your dish.

The ideal appellations

If you choose to serve a white wine, choose a Pouilly-Fuissé les crays, or a Mâcon Villages. To be most obvious, you can also serve an Alsatian wine such as Riesling.
For a red wine, choose a red Mâcon Peronne, or a red Saumur. These are dry still wines that will stay in the tonality of your dish.

A friendly dish

fondue ch article

Like all fondues, Chinese fondue is a dish that can be shared in a friendly atmosphere. Unlike our traditional fondues, it has the advantage of being very low in calories since it has no cheese and tends to contain fish. An Alsatian white wine will bring fruity touches without being too sweet.

Chinese Fondue comes in the form of a broth placed in the centre of the table in which guests are invited to immerse various ingredients in order to cook them: fish, seafood, sliced meat, vegetables, pasta...

Now all you have to do is celebrate the Chinese New Year and enjoy your Chinese fondue with a wonderful wine.

Marie Lecrosnier-Wittkowsky (for Les Grappes)

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