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What wine to drink with oysters, crabs, whelks,... Christmas is a real pleasure for seafood lovers. For those allergic to seafood, read anyway, it will allow you to have a conversation. Which wine with seafood?

The hardest thing about oysters is not eating them but opening them... without cutting yourself. 6 dozen to open, the drama, 72 times the possibility of cutting yourself. But generally it goes well, with a small glass of wine (especially not strong alcohol at this stage, remember, you have a knife in your hands) and a little company, you get there. The advantage of other seafood is that they are not difficult to peel!

Which wine with seafood?

Wine is important for seafood because it is the first wine after the aperitif you will drink. This is the launch pad for your festive meal. So, to know which wine with seafood, here is a first list of white wines to drink with seafood:

Which wine with seafood such as lobster, crayfish or scallops?

With a seafood platter, and for an exceptional meal, it is true that champagne can make a strong impression! So what wine with seafood for you?

Alexis Proust for Les Grappes

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