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Rabbit stew, a classic in French gastronomy. "Civet", derived from French or Occitan civet, civet: dish prepared with onions, garlic or chives. But what a wine with a rabbit stew.

The marinade of rabbit stew is made with a red wine. Many recommend a Pinot Noir from Alsace or Burgundy, for its slightly spicy and peppery notes. Not wrong. But if you like more powerful dishes, then another grape variety like Syrah (Côtes-du-Rhône) will also be very good. Rabbit stew recipes have evolved a lot since its origins, but today, we find mainly as a side dish: onions, thyme, carrots, potatoes.

There are also recipes for rabbit stew in white wine. More moose certainly but quite amazing! Prefer red wines that are rather light and fruity: Beaujolais for example or Loire wines such as Anjou-Villages.

Which wine with a rabbit stew?

A slightly full-bodied dish but not automatically claiming a wine from the sun at the risk of losing the taste of meat that is not so powerful. It will still require a rather complex wine because the dish will offer several aromas that will have to be balanced.

  • What a wine with a rabbit stew and a red wine marinade: A Sancerre de Loire, Aloxe-Corton de Bourgogne, Santenay de Bourgogne or Pommard de Bourgogne.
  • What a wine with a rabbit stew and a more powerful marinade: A Fitou from Languedoc, a Madiran from South-West France or a Corbières from Languedoc.
  • Otherwise there is the rule: serve the same wine as the one used for your preparation! We can think of a Côtes-du-Rhône for example as a Saint-Joseph.

Enjoy your meal!

Alexis Proust for Les Grappes

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