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It is often forgotten, but roast veal is often an excellent alternative to the no less excellent roast beef. Ideal for an evening with friends. Easy to cook. Even if graduating with a Bac+5 degree in cooking could be useful to avoid having a roast that is too dry! Which wine with a roast veal?

Like most French meats, they are available in all sauces! When you say sauce, you mean preparation... when you say preparation, you mean wine. Do you understand? It is the preparation with the roast veal that will prevail for the choice of wine. Nothing very complicated for the recipe of a roast veal, it is above all a question of good timing for cooking.

What a wine with a roast veal roast:

Light, fruity, slightly tannic red wines.

What a wine with an orloff veal roast veal:

Powerful white wines will be perfect with meat and cheese. Which wine with a roast veal for you?

Alexis Proust for Les Grappes

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