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Last Thursday's meal... a veal stir-fry with tarragon sauce. Delicious. So I thought it deserved a food and wine agreement article on veal stir-fry!

Which wine with a veal stir-fry?

There are several schools with veal stir-fry and especially the "red" school and the "white" school. What, white wine with a veal stir-fry?!!!!! In fact, it all depends on the recipe. And there are many recipes for veal stir-fries. So each recipe will require its own wine. Whether red, white or rosé, many wines are best drunk with a veal stir-fry. After all, it is a matter of preferences. So let the pleasure speak for itself! Your pleasure.

  • For a veal stir-fry with herbs, tarragon and chives sauce: a Chambolle-Musigny de Bourgogne rouge, Morey Saint-Denis de Bourgogne rouge.
  • For a veal stir-fry with peppers, honey and rosemary: A white Banyuls from Languedoc.
  • For a Catalan style veal stir-fry, chorizo, tomatoes, onions: A red Minervois from Languedoc, a Corbières from Languedoc and a Fitou from Languedoc.
  • For a Veal Sauté with Orange and Carrots: A Coteaux du Layon blanc de Loire, an Alsace Pinot Gris Vendanges Tardives and a Loupiac de Bordeaux.
  • For a veal stir-fry with olives and wild rice: A pink Lirac from Côtes-du-Rhône, a pink Tavel from Côtes-du-Rhône.
  • For a Marengo veal stir-fry: A red Cairanne from Côtes-du-Rhône, a red Gigondas from Côtes-du-Rhône, a Côtes-du-Roussillon from Languedoc.
  • For a paprika veal stir-fry: A red Saint-Chinian from the Southwest, a red or white Châteauneuf-du-Pape and an Alsatian wine, Gewurztraminer.
  • For a blanquette style veal stir-fry: A white Languedoc Viognier, a white Mâcon-Villages from Burgundy and a white Beaune from Burgundy.

Have a good tasting!

Alexis Proust for Les Grappes

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