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The basis of the meal base that everyone loves or loved: French fries ground beef. The fried chopped steak alone represents the very simplicity of pleasure! So from time to time, accompanying it with a good wine can make you reach new heights.

Preparing a burger begins with a visit to the butcher's shop, because it must be recognized that a fresh burger from time to time gives us the opportunity to enjoy authentic flavours. Place the meat on your hot frying pan, add salt and pepper to the undercooked side. Then turn the meat over. The salt and pepper will have had plenty of time to incorporate!

We often come back to the same thing with red meat, many red wines can be suitable. So we offer you deliberately limited choices to avoid falling into endless lists of wines offered with a fried chopped steak.

What wine with a chopped steak?

The "classics":

The "less classic" ones:

Ground steak is a meat that goes very well with grape varieties (race of reason) such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc or Merlot found in its regions. Their woody and vanilla flavours have a certain aromatic freshness with a subtle spiciness and are perfect for a red meat that is more "classic". The Gamay grape variety, when well worked, can be a good alternative, as in the case of a Morgon or a Brouilly.

Good steak and chips!

Alexis Proust for Les Grappes

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