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Scallops will require a dry white wine, like other seafood products, which must be mineral and fruity.

How to combine its taste with wine?

One would almost be tempted to say that nothing should be added to the taste of scallops, but that is not true because the contribution of a wine offers a sumptuous harmony. The texture of scallops is very similar to that of other types of seafood but remains a little different. If it is well worked, it is very soft, which offers a unique pleasure. Here, as is often the case with marine products, you will need a dry white wine, with a fresh side, mineral that will support iodine, which can be slightly felt, and certain accompaniments such as spices or herbs. Wines with floral scents, with hints of citrus fruits, a slight acidity due to minerality will go well with the flesh of the walnut which is very tender.

Which appellations to choose?

Since we have to choose a dry, mineral and fruity white wine, our choices will be based on grape varieties such as Chardonnay with a Chablis for a very simple pan-fried scallops, or Pouilly-Fuissé in Burgundy, the minerality of these wines will go very well with the texture and taste of nuts. You can also start with wines made from Chenin such as an Anjou white wine in the Loire, which will have a slight citrus taste that will go perfectly with scallops.

The scallop scallop

Did you know that the scallop has eyes? Yes, eyes, which work by reflection! But don't worry, this dish is still great. The scallop is a mollusc that humans have been eating for a long time. Already mentioned in the Bible or in Greek and Roman mythology, it is only found in the Mediterranean and in the North Atlantic (yes, not all of us are lucky). It is mainly cultivated in basins with scallops, despite the very heavy fishing, authorized from October to May. We find them in Mediterranean and northern gastronomy, in all possible forms of dishes and combinations, from risotto to scallops, to velvety and simply fried nuts for our greatest pleasure. So you will not get tired of these shells and neither will we.

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