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Which characteristics of strawberries for which wine?

The strawberry is a rather sweet fruit. One feels in its taste a slight acidic note nevertheless, which must be taken into account to associate it with the wine. It will also depend on its preparation. The tart or pie probably deserves a sweet red wine. Its sugar and fruit will support the cream and the taste of the fruit. Plain strawberries can be accompanied by a sweet, pink sparkling wine. The effervescence will slice the acidity and the fruit will come out perfectly even though some people are not in favour of bubbles at the end of the meal. A good compromise for several types of preparation can come from a sparkling red wine. Sweet, slightly sparkling and fruity it combines all the advantages of a dish like strawberries.

Wines to choose from

You can therefore opt for an appellation such as Maury, whose sweet red wines go very well with red fruit desserts. There is also a sparkling rosé wine that may be suitable with plain strawberries that are not too sweet, such as Champagne rosé Jeaunaux Robin. Also try a mellow rosé wine, which will go well with a very simple strawberry-based dessert, such as Anjou rosés.

A berry that makes you happy

The wild strawberry, a miraculous berry cultivated for a long time in Europe and North America, is unanimously acclaimed. The Romans were already very fond of this "false fruit" since they picked it or cultivated it according to the region. The season that starts in spring allows us to taste this delight of nature in several forms: tartlet, ice cream or sorbet, plain or chocolate. So everyone has their favourite recipe, but everyone finds satisfaction in it. Remember, strawberries are the favorite fruit of the French, since about one person out of two will tell you how much they admire it. In France we find our famous Gariguettes de Plougastel, the Marat des bois but also PGI like the Strawberry of Perigord, or the red label of the Strawberry of Lot-et-Garonne.

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