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Mussels can be integrated into the classic "seafood/dry white wine".

White wine in cooking, white wine in tasting

Indeed mussels are seafood, we will find the attributes of this type of food like iodine, the side a little juicy. If you make marine mussels, you will need a rather dry white wine, with a little fruit and mineral content. For more exotic recipes, such as some that give the dish more spiciness, you will need a slightly more fresh white wine, with a fairly wide mouth and perhaps a little sugar. You can stay on a dry white wine or even take a slightly sweeter wine such as semi-dry. If they are sweet spices, do not change anything stay on dry white wines.

The dry wine!

As the mussel is a seafood, it is easy to think of the classic "seafood/dry white wine", isn't it? Dry white wines will therefore go perfectly with a dish such as marine mussels and go well with this iodized side. Among the possible choices, one can choose a white wine from Entre-Deux-Mers in the Bordeaux region. The Loire vineyard will be able to satisfy your request, take a Pouilly-Fumé for example, it will also be fine. Want to change a little? Enjoy a white Riesling in Alsace with its citrus/lemon notes, this wine will perfectly match your seafood. An appellation like Chablis can also do the job very well. Otherwise, go for something a little more original with a Muscadet Vieilles Vignes in the Loire.

The moulds

Let's start with a riddle: what is the name of mussel farming? (drum rolls)... MYTILICULTURE! Easy, isn't it? The mussel is therefore a seafood product. The mussel has probably been known by man since time immemorial, as it was very common and widespread on the coasts and was accessible. It may even have been used as a spoon at the time, given the quantities found and the fact that some of the shells were kept "carefully". As for today's cuisine, there must be about as much recipe as there are mussels in a 3 kg bucket. Let's take the example of the most widespread and simple but so good marine mussels! Mussels, a little white wine, a little butter, a little onion or shallots and hop all in a container on the fire and that's it!

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