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The holidays are coming and everything has to be ready in the kitchen... and in the cellar! Don't make any mistakes, and plan for all possible eventualities! That's why Les Grappes offers you some wine tips that can enhance your Christmas dishes... today we are interested in gingerbread, the essential winter delicacy that goes perfectly with wine, you will love it!

A wide choice... of gingerbread!

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Gingerbread is a dish that we take from Greco-Roman antiquity. Let us not forget that this historical period is also largely linked to the world of wine! This recipe crosses ages and continents to fit into the Christmas tradition There is a wide range of gingerbread, so each region of France would have its own recipe: there are three essential foods, flour, milk and honey and the spices vary from one region to another, some preferring nutmeg or aniseed... You would therefore have to choose a wine that could go with this multiplicity of flavours !

A gourmet cake with a sweet wine

vin moelleux pain d'épices - Blog Les Grappes
A sweet or sweet wine: perfect with gingerbread!

To accompany your gingerbread we recommend a natural sweet wine. A sweet wine will bring freshness and sweetness to your tasting. The soft white therefore prevails in the marriage with gingerbread: it can easily blend with the flavours and spices of this dessert and will bring a touch of lightness. Red wine is not to be banned: let's not forget that Christmas is also the mulled wine period! With your gingerbread, you can drink a fairly powerful red wine, with imposing notes of red fruits for example.

The ideal appellations to taste with gingerbread

vin chaud pain d'épices- blog Les Grappes
A combination of mulled wine and gingerbread

In short, you can drink Alsatian wines such as Gewurztraminer or Riesling late harvest. Also the traditional Banyuls will awaken the flavours of gingerbread during your tasting. Finally, if you accompany your red wine dessert, prefer a Marsannay or a Canon-Fronsac, which are quite powerful. For a gingerbread with orange peel, prefer an Alsatian wine, rather than a late harvest that gives it candied aromas. For a chocolate dessert, it would be better to drink a red wine or a sweet, warm wine.

Marie Lecrosnier - Wittkowsky (for Les Grappes)

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