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If you are in a hurry

Depending on the school, one can vary between a dry and powerful white wine such as in Alsace or the Riesling Grand Cru, which will adapt very well to support the flavours of Baeckeoffe. You can also go for red wine.

  • In Alsace, with pinot noir.
  • In Burgundy, both with its red and white wines.

Speaking of wine

So eating is good but tasting with it is even better! So what kind of wine can be combined with this dish? We know that Baeckeoffe is a dish that will have flavor especially with meat and herbs or spices. It will therefore require a slightly versatile wine that will be able to support the different components. You can start on a white one even if some people recommend reds. You will find your happiness on a powerful dry white that will not fade away in front of the flavours of Baeckeoffe, with a little roundness on the palate, a good balance and a little freshness. Red is possible if you drink a red wine that is not going to be too strong because the dish already has a strong taste.

A dry white wine

If we start with a dry and powerful white wine, we can find our happiness in Alsace with a Riesling Grand Cru or if it is well balanced and versatile. These wines correspond well to local gastronomy and Baeckeoffe. However, you can start with a red wine such as an Alsatian pinot noir, which will adapt very well to the dish. Otherwise, you can go into red Burgundy wines if they are light enough. A Nuits-Saint-Georges can be a good ally.

Baeckeoffe, a tradition

Baeckeoffe (not easy to pronounce!) is a traditional Alsatian dish, probably originating from the Strasbourg region, which has its own history. Inspired by a biblical dish, it is part of the religious framework of the region. This dish is prepared and simmered for a very long time (about 24 hours). The women who often prepared this dish, started it on Saturday and brought it to the baker's on Sunday morning before going to mass. The baker would simmer the dish in his oven while it cooled. When the mass was over, the families would take the dish back and eat it at noon! So what is in this dish? Baeckeoffe is prepared with several types of meat (lamb, pork and beef), potatoes and a multitude of vegetables. Put all the ingredients in a slow cooker or a terrine, add some spices and white wine and let's go for 24 hours of cooking. There will be many different recipes depending on the region and even the family! This dish is therefore emblematic of the Alsace region, as much as its wines.

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