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A beautiful capon for Christmas, it's classic, you may say, but it's terribly effective. It is the main course, the dish that everyone is waiting for, the "star" of the menu. So stick to the wine, you're good for a reminder of your monumental mistake for 1 year (until next Christmas). Which wine with a capon for Christmas?

A castrated rooster of about 3 kg that offers an incredibly tender meat is an ideal Christmas dish because you are sure that everyone loves it and the cooking is the same for everyone!

The capon is the star of holiday meals. So don't miss out on the wine!

Sometimes stuffed, often with chestnuts or potatoes, in the oven or in a casserole (+++), the capon is the star of Christmas dishes. But a capon without an excellent wine to accompany it is remembered as a common dish... While with a great wine, believe us, you will remember it!

What wine with a capon?

To be very honest with you, many wines can accompany the capon. Because capons do not have complex taste characteristics. Basically, it does not have a particular or pronounced taste. After all, it will depend on the sauce and the side dish.

We have selected for you 5 wines to serve with a capon for an exceptional occasion:

Which wine with a capon for white wine lovers

Which wine with a capon for red wine lovers

With these references, you are sure to hit the mark... So what wine with a capon for you?

Alexis Proust for Les Grappes

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