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Preferences among mustards: fine, strong, old-fashioned... From rabbit legs to mustard or the impression of tasting 5 sot-l'y laisse at the same time. But if you know those two little pieces under the chicken... the sot-l'y laisse...

The recipe for rabbit with mustard is quite simple to prepare. Some may say that it is enough to brush the rabbit thigh with mustard. This is not totally true because the secret of the rabbit with mustard is its sauce! In reality, this is often the case: the secret of a dish lies in its sauce! So once the sauce is set, it's to know which wine with a rabbit in mustard?

But here, however, we are coming to an extremely difficult terrain in wine food pairings. How to choose a wine with a mustard sauce that will by nature crush everything on its way to the mouth! Not easy but rest assured that there are solutions to find a wine to accompany a rabbit with mustard.

What wine with a rabbit in mustard?

A classic dish that nevertheless leaves many possibilities to choose a wine. A question of personal preferences between white and red wine. Yes, yes, a white wine with a rabbit in mustard is possible!

The reds usually win! However, with little risk taking. So what wine with a rabbit in mustard?

Enjoy your meal!

Alexis Proust for Les Grappes

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