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If you are in a hurry

On the carbonade we will prefer red wines that are both fruity and not too powerful, which will go well with the dish. This is how it works again:

What kind of wine with a carbonade?

Faced with this rich and tasty dish, the Flemish people will quickly be tempted to offer you a good beer, which can seduce you! Compared to wine, it's something else. Forget white and rosé wine, here we are talking about red wine. It is necessary to choose either a powerful red wine or a lighter but slightly lively red wine. Why? Why? The powerful red wine is good insofar as it does not have too many tannins, which is complicated to separate. Too much tannin will make the dish feel heavier. With a light and fruity red wine, you will cut the fat off the dish and give it a little boost. So choose this type of wine.

Which bottles to choose?

To choose the right wine, choose a fairly or moderately light red wine, but fruity, with well-controlled power. Go to Burgundy where you will find wines made with pinot noir that will be perfect on dishes in sauce such as carbonade. Beaujolais can also offer good bottles in red, such as the Juliénas appellation with the 2012 "Vielles vignes" of Château d'Empreintes for example. We will also go for the light red wines of Roussillon quo will go very well with carbonade. Do you want a little more taste? The Southwest Madiran calls you by its melted tannins and its light power that works perfectly!

Carbonade is simmering

Carbonade is a dish made from beef (often paleron), simmered in a beer or wine sauce. Typical recipes can be found in several regions, including the Flemish carbonade in northern France. We can also talk about Provençal carbonade. It is also found in the specialities of northern Italy. Carbonade often appears to be similar to beef bourguignon. Carbonade is above all a dish that can be enjoyed with family or friends, especially in winter. It is therefore a warm dish that will delight your taste buds.

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