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If you are in a hurry

On this kind of rich and rich dish, you will need a rather light but fruity wine! Traditionally, a light red wine is drunk with this type of dish.

Quiche lorraine and wine

We can say that traditionally Lorraine quiche is drunk with an Alsatian wine but we can of course consider other vineyards! The dish is quite rich and fat with the bacon, cream and dough that weigh us down a little, so we will have to find a wine that will cut this fat and balance the flavors and the sensation in the mouth. A wine with too much body, too fat and alcoholic will not bode well. We will then aim for a rather lively wine, fruity but not too heavy. Nor should it be too effaced, too simple.

Vineyard of Alsace or else....

Why not stay in the region to find our happiness. With a dish like the quiche lorraine, a Pinot Noir d'Alsace can be perfectly suitable. They will not be too powerful and will bring the necessary fruit and a little lightness to the dish! If you want other regions, go to Beaujolais with light, fruity red wines that match the dish, or even the Loire with Bourgueil! While waiting to buy a bottle, beer and quiche can also go hand in hand.

A short tour of Lorraine

Be happy I'm handing you the eternal play on the word "I'm not a quiche"! Welcome to Lorraine, the birthplace of the famous quiche lorraine. So what is this eastern dish that is so popular? Quiche lorraine is a salty tart, made with eggs, cream, bacon, cheese and dough. It should be known that historically the quiche lorraine did not really have the same presentation: much thinner, much less furnished, it presented itself as a very simple dish, made from the remains of bread dough. Presented in the form of a very fine galette, it was often served with beer, which was widely consumed in Lorraine. Quiche was a very rural dish that developed in the major cities of the Region, especially among the new bourgeoisie, as well as by a phenomenon of "rural exodus", all things considered. It is now more significant than before due precisely to the quantities. But then the big question is: "What wine do we drink with this? »

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