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If you are in a hurry

Softening the acidity of the lemon pie will guide our choices. It is therefore necessary to associate a sweet white wine as can be offered:

The acidity is too hard to associate with the wine?

Indeed, it is not easy to associate the pie with the lemon. For the fruit, we usually think of white wines, but in this case we need sweetness. The white wine here will therefore be suitable under certain conditions. The lemon pie has a slightly acidic taste with a creamy texture. If it is a simple lemon pie it will not be softened by a meringue which will make it even more acidic. Forget about wines that are too mineral, too lively, too acidic, so go for a way to soften the tart and its acidic side. So take either a sparkling white wine that is not too dry, so a champagne or crémant, or a sweet white wine.

What names for the lemon pie?

A sweet white wine as in the whites of Rousillon with a Muscat de Rivesaltes. It's a treat on pies. You can also count on a Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh in the southwest or a natural sweet white wine from Rasteau in the Rhône. You can also opt for a Champagne that will go well with a fruit-based dessert, especially semi-dry ones.

Lemon pie, a delight

My favorite dessert... But I'll try to stay objective. The lemon pie is not unanimously accepted. Too sweet, too sour, too simple, everything is good not to like it and yet... A lemon pie with a well made cream, you might as well tell you that there is something to roll on the floor, you will ask my grandmother. The secret? Mix sugar and lemon juice well at your convenience. Playing on textures is also important, a lemon mousse will bring lightness and softness to the pie. The cream will vary according to the sugar, juice and eggs, to leave more or less room for acidity.

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