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Beef bourguignon is often talked about but rarely cooked! Whether it is an autumn or winter dish for some, or an inter-season dish for others, Burgundian beef has lasted for centuries. As proof, it is one of the favourite dishes of the French! The preparation based on red wine requires that a red wine be served. But the real debate is about the wine region. Which wine with a Burgundian beef?

Let's look at the good old rule of the terroirs: associate a dish with a wine from the same region. A dish of Burgundy will therefore be served with a Burgundy wine. The wine and food agreement holds up well. However, not just any Burgundy wine should be released. As beef bourguignon is a powerful dish in taste, you will need a wine that can contain this power to enhance the dish. If you choose a light wine, the risk is that its taste will be bland compared to your dish.

Which wine with a Burgundian beef?

Here are the red wines of Burgundy that you can serve with a Burgundy beef:

Of course, France has other regions where wines are also powerful. These regions will be suitable for Burgundy beef.

Which wine with a Burgundian beef when you don't want a Burgundy wine?

So, what wine with a Burgundian beef for you?.... it's up to you now to test and see if you are more Burgundy wines or wines from another Region.

Alexis Proust for Les Grappes

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