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At Christmas Eve, oysters arrive on the tables... this traditional holiday shellfish requires a worthy accompaniment, and wine seems to be the best ally of oysters in this holiday season. As there are different types of oysters, they can be served with different wines. Les Grappes therefore offers you a wide choice of wines that will satisfy your taste buds!

Oysters, wines and..... New Year's Eve!

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Oysters and wine are easily served, especially during festive meals before Christmas presents open! These two dishes go well together in this end-of-year period. If some people can be discouraged by the texture of oysters, wine could make everyone agree and become a reason to taste them and finally not be able to do without them!

Oysters and dry white wine: the tradition

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It's tradition! Oysters have long been served with dry and fruity white wines. Indeed, these wines with their acidulous persistence will accompany the iodized taste of oysters, which will sublimate the acidity in the mouth. The wine must be very fresh to accompany oysters, and it can be served with both cold and hot oysters.

There, the choice is wide, but we offer you for a classic match the white wine "Dena Dela" white from Egia Tegia. The vineyard from which it comes is located on the hills facing the ocean, and the bottles are raised under the sea in the bay of Saint Jean de Luz. These wines have iodized and acidic aromas that go perfectly with oysters. So we stay close to the sea thanks to this wine!

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Egia Tegia wines aged under the ocean

The ideal appellations to accompany oysters.

You can traditionally choose to accompany your oysters with dry white wine. In this case you can choose Muscadet, Chablis, or Sancerre. For an exotic side, Alsatian wine will do well with, for example, an Alsatian white Sylvaner.

Less traditional agreements

To vary the pleasures, do not hesitate to choose champagne: the bubbles reinforce the acid flavours of the wine and thus bring more freshness during the tasting. Also, the champagne served as an aperitif will arrive just as the oysters do, at the beginning of the meal. It will also go very well with warm oysters. We therefore recommend a raw or extra raw champagne such as those of our winegrower Jeaunaux Robin, which will go perfectly with hot oysters as a dish or as an aperitif. The fine bubbles and acidity of these champagnes will sublimate the product and balance the iodized side.

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To remain original, you can also serve red wine to accompany oysters: white wine and champagne are out of the ordinary. The Dena Dela Rouge from Egia Tegia remains in the same spirit, fruity, but retains its fresh and well-balanced acidity.

Happy tasting and happy holidays! 🙂

Marie Lecrosnier-Wittkowsky (for Les Grappes)

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