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Buvette, the right address in South Pigalle

How do you reconcile a wine lover, a belly on legs and a girlfriend who likes cosy but not too much atmosphere? Buvette has found the solution. The proof is that this "gastrotechnic" on rue Henri Monnier has not been empty since it opened in 2013.

Drink : a success with a New York accent

Buvette Paris

As its name wouldn't lead you to believe it, Buvette is first a New York creation by Jody Williams in 2010. Having become in a few years the Franco-Gourmand den of the West Village, Jody has the good idea to give back to César what is César's: open a Buvette in Paris. And she knows how to do it! On both sides of the Atlantic the concept remains the same, only the products change. In Paris, she forges links with passionate suppliers such as Benoit Enicolo (a Desnoyer colleague) for the meat, Christophe Guitard for the cellar, and many others to give us an eyeful at the table.

Bistronomic plates to sprinkle with good wine at Buvette

9pm at South Pigalle, the restaurant is boiling. Some are absorbed in front of the wine list, abundant and creative: appellations from Burgundy, Corsica, Alsace... and a selection of natural wines. Others salivate on the bistronomical plate menu, it changes every season and there is something for everyone.

Buvette Paris

Original sandwiches (7€), home-made charcuterie (9€), pretty frenchy dishes (12-14€), farmhouse cheeses (7€) and sweets (8€) are on the menu. First of all, the ball starts with a white Saumur Blanc, "Arcane" from Château de Fosse-Sèche (32€): we approve of its subtle nose, its freshness and then the beautiful roundness in the mouth. Secondly, we generously taste the Aligot tartines, the Coq au vin tradi or the fine salmon rillettes. Finally, you can enjoy THE Tatin tart that will melt the most demanding.

With Jody Williams, taste also comes through the frame...

In this decoration which mixes marble, raw materials and small details of taste, we will not be surprised to come across a naturalized bird that is waiting for us to eat. Too much staging will you say? On the contrary, the atmosphere here is authentic and lively thanks to the local population as well as a few strangers who are decidedly well-behaved. Without forgetting the waltz of the waiters who give rhythm to the service, both chic and nice. So no more excuses, this recipe can only be found at Buvette. Ready, set, go!


Address: 28 rue Henri Monnier, Paris 9e
Opening hours : Monday to Friday : 8h30 - 00h00 / Saturday and Sunday : 10h00 - 00h00
No reservations

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