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Vingt heures Vin, the wine bar of real parigots!

If you want to know a 'real' wine bar made in Paris, go to the Vingt heures Vin in Montmartre. Here, no fuss and no fraudulent prices... Good bowling, very nice service, generous plates and a friendly atmosphere, welcome to the den of parigots!

The temple of the wines of Languedoc, it is at the Vingt heures Vin

"Welcome people like at home, with conviviality and simplicity" likes to repeat Alexandre, the owner of this small wine bar in the Montmartre district.
At the corner of rue Lepic, the Vingt heures vin never fails. With not more than 40m2, the good bottles are jostling between parigots of all ages who have spotted that here, the selection is serious!
Alexandre, as a child of the South, is the ambassador of the wines of Languedoc and also keeps a 360° eye on the wine world with 150 references mainly natural, organic and biodynamic. A successful bet! The guys at the counter are asking for more! Meeting with Greg and François, great buddies of youth and especially regulars of the place.

Interview at the counter: 2 faithful Parigots of the Vingt heures Vin

Greg & Francois

What are you drinking?

François: Greg chose it, it's our favorite bottle!
Greg: Ah yes! He's crazy, uh... no, NADA, that's the name of the wine. It's funny because the grape variety, we didn't know, it's called LLEDONER PELUT !!

Why are you coming to the Twenty-O'clock Wine?

François: So, we come here for two things: first of all, here the 'big boss' Alexandre is super cool.
Greg: Yes! And he is very welcoming ! In addition, we eat very well, it's fresh, it's generous, unpretentious and above all we have...
François: DU MONT D'OR, direct from the farmer at the best times of the season! A delight! In short, it is a place not overrated, it remains authentic, just like the owner and Maeva (heart) (heart), who ensures too much service with a warm smile.
Greg : And then, you have to admit it, it's a place for connoisseurs. When you ask a touchy question about wine, behind the zinc, it sends a heavy message! We have real advice from pros!

On what occasion do you come to the Vingt heures vin?

François : Tonight, it was Greg who dragged me. But if not, we're going solo, accompanied by "a friend".... (no comment)
Greg: Yeah, girlfriends love to come here. It feels good, like home, sort of ????


Twenty Hours Wine
15/17 Rue Joseph de Maistre, 75018 Paris, France
Tel : 09 54 66 50 67


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