Oenotourisme France - Découvrez en vidéo : les vignobles Sud Ardèche, un voyage au centre du terroir - Les Grappes

Discover in video: the vineyards of the South Ardèche, a journey to the centre of the region.

The South Ardèche is known for its spectacular caves. But did you know that a new species has recently been discovered there? The speleologist.

For a few years now, it has been proliferating in a cavity in the Grotto of Saint Marcel d'Ardèche.

What he loves above all? Exploring, several dozen meters underground, the galleries one by one until the one dedicated to wine tasting.

It must be said that it is an ideal cellar: a constant temperature of about 14°, a humidity level of over 90% which guarantees the tightness of the corks and barrels, total darkness, an absence of vibrations which offers a complete rest to the wine and finally a healthy environment.

So all the winegrowers of the village of Saint Marcel d'Ardèche had this crazy idea to raise their wines, Côtes du Rhône and Côtes du Rhône Village Saint Andéol in these unique conditions in the world. Then others decided to do the same at the Aven d'Orgnac. Here, nearly 1,200 bottles and 13 barrels are peacefully aged.

The idea originated with the explorers of these caves who brought a stock of wine to drink on the spot. It is said that as they went back and forth, they noticed that the wine improved.

You too try the experience! It seems that this return to the roots of the terroir gives the wine a different taste.

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