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Discover the harvest in the Beaujolais!

After many visits (Chiroubles, Côte de Brouilly, Moulin à vent, Saint Amour...), Laetitia Allemand takes us on a trip to discover the AOC Beaujolais. The appellation now covers the entire vineyard. Beaujolais is a French wine, produced in the Rhône department and in some communes of Saône-et-Loire. Immediate boarding, direction Beaujolais!

Laetitia Allemand brings us to taste the effervescence of the harvest in the Beaujolais at Domaine Chasselay. Focus on this crucial part of the grape harvest in a warm and friendly atmosphere!

The grape harvest in the Beaujolais

Did you know that throughout the Beaujolais region, a single grape variety is grown for both red and rosé wines? It's the Gamay. And the Chardonnay for the whites.

By the way, more than half of the Gamay planted areas in the world are here, in the Beaujolais! It is a fragile and delicate grape variety that must be harvested in whole bunches. It is the basis of the Beaujolais vinification. This is why it is harvested mainly by hand, especially as we are in the steepest vineyard in France! 50,000 cutters and porters are busy at work. The gestures are precise. First the leaves are removed, then the bunch is picked and the good grapes are sorted.

The wines of the Beaujolais

All this know-how does not weigh on the price of Beaujolais wines, which are very accessible. If we make accessible red wines and the famous Beaujolais Nouveaux, the winegrowers of the AOC Beaujolais know how to delight us with aromatic rosés and some tender whites!

Let's not sulk our pleasure, we like the red Beaujolais with a good plate of cold meats but also sushi. The white with salmon or seafood is excellent!

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