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Grignan-les-Adhémar: the rebirth of the Tricastin Coasts

Updated on December 14, 2022

In the heart of theRhone ValleyFor a little over 5 years now, one AOC has been making a slow but remarkable comeback. It is the appellation Grignan-les-AdhémarThis is the 1800 hectare vineyard known until 2010 as Côteaux du Tricastin. Henri Bour, president of the appellation, tells us about his love for the wines of the region and the wine-truffle agreement.

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The rebirth of the Côteaux du Tricastin

In an effort to improve the image of the appellation, the winegrowers have joined forces to give a second chance to the AOC Grignan-les-Adhémar. Henri Bour, president of the appellation, confirmed this yesterday at a press lunch attended by winegrowers, wine industry players and the Parisian press: "All the indicators are green for us today provided that the winemakers keep the fishing, and the conviction and desire that drives us since late 2010."

Indeed, the vineyard of Grignan-les-Adhémar benefits from an ideal geographical situation: the winters are mild, with a little wind and the summers are hot and dry, with cool nights. The soils are diverse: pebbles, sand, clay, limestone.

All the conditions are met to give quality grapes and different and well balanced wines. And it is the word that always comes up in the discussion with Henri Bour: "balance". Winemaker for 20 years at the Domaine de Grangeneuve, he mentions two wines that have marked him:

  • The "Vieilles Vignes 2011" vintage from his estate - Domaine de Grangeneuve - is for him a synonym of pleasure and balance. With a well-balanced blend of Grenache noir and Syrah, it is a simple wine that is not too tannic.
  • The cuvée "La Chapelle" ofDomaine Jabouletperfectly embodies for Henri Bour the balance and elegance, while preserving the power of the wine.

And it is this desire to make and share balanced, quality wines that drives them today to carry the colors of the Grignan-les-Adhémar appellation. And they are doing well because the export share of Grignan-les-Adhémar wines almost tripled in 2015. The first country importing wines from the appellation is the United Kingdom, followed closely by Belgium, the Netherlands, China & Denmark.

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What to eat with Grignan-les-Adhémar wines?

In the Drôme Provençale, to be a bit of a caricature, there is lavender, wine, a bit of cereal and... truffles. It is therefore quite natural that when Henri Bour is asked what food and wine pairing he recommends, he turns directly to a product of the region: the truffle.

A rare and precious product, the aromas of truffles can quickly be masked if one is not careful in the choice of wine and accompaniment. Henri Bour has a small preference for raw truffles and advises to associate it with a white wine (avoiding viogniers which are too rich). For a dish with cooked truffle, favor a more powerful white wine and you can even dare a red, avoiding reds that are too fruity or too woody. To keep it simple:

  • Choose a white wine
  • Keep in mind that truffles do not like fruit!

Never forget that the truffle is king and that the cook and the wine must both respect it!

A taste of our favorite vats

Our team of specialists had the chance to taste three wines from Grignan les Adhémar, they fell under the spell. They are real nuggets! We love them, that's why we present them to you!

Domaine du Chardon Bleu, Brigand BIO, red : The nose is very greedy marked on notes of small red fruits. The attack in mouth is supple and fresh: the fruit takes its place gradually! The wine reveals itself on notes of sweet spices and pepper. The tannins are supple and well structured.

Château de la Robine, Mille Écus d'Or, white, 2019: We like this wine which transports us directly to the Rhone Valley! The color of this wine is brilliant with golden reflections. The nose is explosive with aromas of peach, apricot and honey. In the mouth, it is extraordinary, this wine has an elegant balance where the Clairette comes to refresh the intense aromatic of the Viognier.

Domaine du Chardon Bleu, Ritournelle BIO, rosé, 2021: We are proud to present you this rosé that we like very much! The Ritournelle vintage is a dry and tender rosé wine. On the nose, this wine is marked by its greedy and fruity side! The mouth is fresh with nice citrus notes.

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