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Wine Museums

Wine, a product of French excellence... everyone is crazy about it! To the glory of winegrowers, their working methods and their products, wine and vine museums are booming. Their number is regularly increasing, which proves the interest of the French for the products they consume and the popularity of the profession. They are also important cultural actors for the development of wine tourism inFrance. From Gaillac to Bordeaux via Beaune , all regions are getting into the spirit of things and offering to discover the history, the gestures and the products that make their wines special. As a couple, as a family or with colleagues, set off to discover these wine museums!

The Paris Wine Museum

A stone's throw from the Eiffel Tower, in the 16th arrondissement, the Paris Wine Museum offers you a visit to its splendid 15th century vaulted cellars. After having been for a long time the official cellars of the Iron Lady's restaurant, they were rehabilitated in 1984 by the Conseil des Echansons. Today, the museum offers a complete visit which will make you discover the methods of wine making and wine conservation and all the objects which are used during the process of wine maturing. The most gourmet among us will go to lunch at the restaurant Les Echansons: we recommend the food and wine pairings, all from the European community.

The Cité du Vin in Bordeaux

It is one of the most beautiful museums in the world, it is both an architectural work and a museum: we are talking of course about the Cité du Vin. This building, with its futuristic design, hosts the presentation of what is the pride of the Bordeaux region: wine as an art. It is in magnificent spaces and on a multi-sensory journey that you will discover how wine is made, from the vine to the bottle. The Bordeaux museum clearly stands out from others on a national and international scale by its intuitiveness and its educational approach. Panels and information will guide you through the 19 thematic rooms.

The Burgundy Wine Museum

Between twovisits and tastings at the estate, take the time to visit the Burgundy wine museum. The Burgundy museum presents an impressive collection of bottles, jars and other wine-related products. Nestled in the heart of the Hôtel des Ducs de Bourgogne, this museum will delight young and old alike with a very appreciable outdoor space. After the obligatory review of the stages of wine making, you can let yourself be tempted by the olfactory workshop which will make you discover the perfumes of Burgundy wine.

The museum of the vineyard and the wine of Alsace

The wine museum of the Grand Est offers an interesting discovery of the winegrower's profession but also of those whose trades are attached to it like the cooper or the glassblower. On the two floors of this large, typically Alsatian house, you will see objects dating from the 17th and 18th centuries that you will certainly not see anywhere else. Screw presses, ploughs, filtering machines or corking machines will make you understand that making wine three centuries ago was not as easy as it can be today! This museum will make an excellent stop on your Alsace Wine Route.

The museum of the vine and the wine of Gaillac

It is in a breathtakingly beautiful historical building that you will have the opportunity to discover the professions of the vine and wine in Gaillac, in the Tarn. It is none other than the Benedictine monks of the region who built this abbey in the 10th century. Overlooking the Tarn river, the vineyard museum shows you the work of the winegrowers and the instruments, sometimes of religious origin, that they used at the time. You will end the visit with a tasting of Gaillac wines, for the greatest pleasure of oenophiles.

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