3 événements sportifs incontournables dans les vignes - Les Grappes

3 unmissable sporting events in the vineyards

Today we offer solutions adapted to the most bodybuilders of our oenotourists, to combine their passion with the discovery of wines and the winegrower's job. Here are a few of them ...

5 choses à savoir sur l'oenotourisme en France - Les Grappes

5 things to know about wine tourism in France

What is wine tourism? Wine tourism is the union of the two most beautiful passions of the French: wine and holidays. During an oenotourism holiday, wine-lovers go to the vineyards to discover the ...

Oenotourisme France - Tout savoir sur les vins du Limoux - Les Grappes

All about Limoux wines

Limoux is inseparable from Blanquette, this sparkling wine made from mauzac. The monks of Saint-Hilaire Abbey are said to have discovered it in 1531. Whether Champagne likes it or not, this fruity bubble ...

A la découverte de l'AOC Fleurie - Vignoble - Les Grappes

Discovering the AOC Fleurie

Laetitia Allemand embarks us, direction Fleurie to discover one of the 10 Beaujolais crus. Are you looking for a good address for a tasting of the AOC Fleurie? With which dish can you taste the ...

Les Grands enjeux de l'Oenotourisme : Christian Mantei et Hervé Novelli nous répondent - Les Grappes

The main challenges of wine tourism: Christian Mantei and Hervé Novelli answer us

While the Oenotourism conference, which will bring together all the main players in this sector, is taking place on Tuesday 20 November 2018, we were able to exchange views with Chrisian Mantei, General Manager of the Oenotourism...

Oenotourisme France - La route des vins du Val de Loire à pieds - Les Grappes

The Loire Valley wine route, on foot!

At the beginning of September, I went for a walk in the Loire Valley for wine tasting, hiking, and in the vineyards. A more than nice concept organized every year; the 2015 edition of Vignes Vins Ra...

Découvrez les vendanges dans le Beaujolais ! - Les Grappes

Discover the harvest in the Beaujolais!

After many visits (Chiroubles, Côte de Brouilly, Windmill, Saint Amour...), Laetitia Allemand takes us on a trip to discover the AOC Beaujolais. The appellation covers today...

À la découverte de l'AOC Juliénas - Les Grappes

Discovering the AOC Juliénas

After Côte-de-Brouilly and Chiroubles, Laetitia Allemand takes us with her to discover the AOC Juliénas. Covering the south and south-west face of Mont de Bessay, the Juliénas vineyard is a...

Oenotourisme France - Partez à la découverte de 5 villes à visiter quand on aime le vin ! - Les Grappes

Discover 5 cities to visit when you love wine!

Every wine lover has already imagined himself taking a trip around the world of vineyards. As we are nice, we have listed 5 cities, starting points for wine routes that are as different as possible. So as not to r...

Oenotourisme France - Partez à la découverte des caves à vins les plus insolites de France - Les Grappes

Discover the most unusual wine cellars in France.

The wine cellars open their doors to the public, offering the opportunity to discover a mysterious and magical universe. We have selected the most unusual and atypical wine cellars...

Découvrez en vidéo les Alpes de Haute Provence : Au fil de la Durance - Les Grappes

Discover in video the Alpes de Haute Provence : Along the Durance river (2/3)

After her escapade around Pierrevert in the heart of the Alpes de Haute Provence region, Laetitia Allemand brings us today to a different region for these moments in the Alpes Haute de Provence. N...

Oenotourisme France - Sud-Ouest : le Tour de France côté vins - Les Grappes

South-West: the Tour de France on the wine side

After passing through the heart of the vineyards of the Val-de-Loire, the Tour de France continues its journey southwards and the first mountain stages. As we approach the Pyrenees, let's take it higher and ...