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The wine route in Greece

Grapes have been grown in Greece since prehistoric times. The ancient Greeks considered wine as the refreshment of their lives, as illustrated by a series of deities, whose central figure is Dionysus, god of fertility, wine and theatre.

The quality of Greek wine

The importance of wine in ancient Greek society and economy is confirmed by many written testimonies that have survived, which are now in various museums in the country.After the Second World War, several factors created the ideal conditions for raising the quality of bottled Greek wine.

The landscapes of Macedonia are different from those of Southern Greece. In recent decades, Macedonia has been catching up fast, especially when it comes to quality red wine, and the most traditional grape variety in the region is Xinomavro. The red variety is perfectly suited to semi-continental estates such as Amyntaio, Goumenissa and Naoussa which are excellent for Xinomavro.

In the Naoussa region, the oldest producer of bottled wine is the Boutari company whose history begins in 1879 with a winery in Stenimacho. The region produces the OPAM Naoussa wine with a bright red color, aromas of red fruits such as blackcurrant and spicy flavors.

Between tradition and modernity

Halkidiki (Chalkidiki) in addition to its beautiful beaches, has a wide range of vineyards. Tsantali has a contract with the monks of Mount Athos and has planted mainly Limnio and Athiri varieties.On the second peninsula of Halkidiki, there is the Karras Estate which grows Roditis and Limnio varieties for the most part but also Cabernet, Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Grenache.

In the region there are several small family wineries, but also modern units equipped with the latest technology and some of the largest winemaking companies in the country. While each glass of wine holds a story for the place and the people who created it, Northern Greece and its people have many pleasant stories to share.

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