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Discover Marco Sambin, the Italian philosopher and oenologist.

Marco Sambin, decided to invest in the Venetian lands to produce his wine, after more than 40 years of teaching philosophy at the University of Padua. Of course, we are intrigued! It is said that there is "more philosophy and wisdom in a bottle of wine than in all books". Let's go to the Euganei Hills Regional Park in Italy to see what it uses...

Between oenology and philosophy his heart balances

Between oenology and philosophy his heart balances, but Marco Sambin decided to make no choice. When he acquired his estate in 2002, he set himself two challenges: to create his own school of psychotherapy and to make his own wine. For the latter, he was assisted by a Florentine oenologist to whom he gave carte blanche.

Considering that the appellations would hinder him in the expression of his creativity, he decided to make a decision to include them in the Slow Wine 2016 guide.by making the wine as he sees fit i.e. "capable of speaking to the mind and seducing the palate". In his cellar we find what he calls "vins d'auteur", for their experimental side.

"Of course my wine has a soul!"

When asked, "Does your wine have a soul?" he answers without thinking, "Of course. That's why each of my vintages is named after a member of my family". An exception to this naming rule is the Feminelle wine, which means "grow", because it is made from second flowering grapes. On the contrary, Marcus is a vino bordolese (Bordeaux wine in French) for which it adds Syrah to the typical Bordeaux blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc. Marcus will appear among the greatest wines of Veneto in the Slow Wine 2016 guide.

His latest eccentricity? An unfiltered passito rosso (sweet wine) that he will call Francisca XI. Coming soon!

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