Oenotourisme Monde - Cap sur l'Afrique du Sud ? - Les Grappes

Heading for South Africa?

Today we're heading for South Africa, a beautiful country with a Mediterranean climate, where wine is made halfway between the Old and New Worlds. We will help you to choose which wineries to visit! ...

Oenotourisme Monde - Partez à la découverte de l’art de vivre viticole made in Brick Bay en Nouvelle Zélande - Les Grappes

Discover the art of wine living made in Brick Bay, New Zealand.

Planted facing Kawau Bay, in Matakana, 50 minutes north of Auckland, the Brick Bay vineyard breathes fresh (iodized) air. Vines, a vegetable garden, chickens, art and living art...

Oenotourisme Monde - Partez à la découverte des vins en Bolivie - Les Grappes

Discover the wines in Bolivia

You wouldn't bet on a Bolivian wine? Well, you're wrong! If in the past the country was never considered as a great wine producer, today Bolivian wine is part of the world's most important ...

Oenotourisme Monde - Partez à la découverte de Marco Sambin, l’italien philosophe et œnologue - Les Grappes

Discover Marco Sambin, the Italian philosopher and oenologist.

Marco Sambin, decided to invest in the Venetian lands to produce his wine, after more than 40 years of teaching philosophy at the University of Padua. Naturally, we are intrigued! We d...

Oenotourisme Monde - Partez à la découverte des Andes et des vins argentins - Les Grappes

Discover the Andes and Argentinean wines

The wine route in Argentina stretches along the Andes Cordillera for over 2,000 km. A dream playground for lovers of the region's grape varieties. From malbec to pinot noir by the way...

Oenotourisme Monde - Partez à la découverte de la Dolce Vita made in Matakana, Nouvelle-Zélande - Les Grappes

Discover the Dolce Vita made in Matakana, New Zealand

After Brick Bay, let's explore Heron's Flight. It's been more than a quarter of a century since Mary Evans and David Hoskins created the first vineyard in the Matakana region: Heron's Fligh?

Oenotourisme Monde - Tout savoir sur le Pinotage, cépage endémique de l’Afrique du Sud - Les Grappes

All you need to know about Pinotage, a grape variety endemic to South Africa

South Africa, the 10th largest wine producing country in the world in 2018 and 6th largest exporter in volume, is one of those "new world" vineyards that are shaking up the wine order. Zoom on the history of the vignob...

Oenotourisme Monde - La route des vins au Chili - Les Grappes

The wine route in Chile

Vines arrived in Chile in the 16th century through the Spanish conquistadors and the religious who needed mass wines. Today the activity has developed a lot...

Oenotourisme Monde - Les vins du Nouveau Monde, une menace pour les vins français ? - Les Grappes

New World wines, a threat to French wines?

They come from the United States, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Chile and Argentina. In just a few years, these countries have considerably increased their wine sales in the wine market....

Oenotourisme Monde - La route des vins en Grèce - Les Grappes

The wine route in Greece

Grapes have existed in Greece since prehistoric times. The ancient Greeks considered wine to be the refreshment of their lives, as illustrated by a series of deities, including the century-old figure of the...

Oenotourisme Monde - La route des vins de Santorin, zoom sur deux pépites - Les Grappes

The Santorini Wine Route, zoom on two nuggets

Continuation of our trip to Santorini, a volcanic island where the Greeks had the crazy idea of making wine. We take you to one of the oldest industrial cellars on the island to taste the Vinsanto! ...

Oenotourisme Monde - La route des Vins de la Vallée d’Aoste - Les Grappes

The Aosta Valley Wine Route

The road between Martigny (CH) and Aosta in Italy is worthy of an adventure film, sinuous as one could wish for. The next day, the sun appears and illuminates the whole valley with its golden foliage until the end of the...