Oenotourisme Monde - La route des vins en Grèce - Les Grappes

The wine route in Greece

Grapes have existed in Greece since prehistoric times. The ancient Greeks considered wine to be the refreshment of their lives, as illustrated by a series of deities, including the century-old figure of the...

Oenotourisme Monde - La route des vins de Santorin, zoom sur deux pépites - Les Grappes

The Santorini Wine Route, zoom on two nuggets

Continuation of our trip to Santorini, a volcanic island where the Greeks had the crazy idea of making wine. We take you to one of the oldest industrial cellars on the island to taste the Vinsanto! ...

Oenotourisme France - La Cité du Vin à Bordeaux, la nouvelle platerforme de l’oenotourisme - Les Grappes

The Cité du Vin in Bordeaux, the new platform for wine tourism

On May 31st, many eyes will be turned towards Bordeaux for the inauguration of La Cité du Vin. In keeping with our wine-growing heritage, the event is already shaping up to be a great success....

Oenotourisme Monde - La route des Vins de la Vallée d’Aoste - Les Grappes

The Aosta Valley Wine Route

The road between Martigny (CH) and Aosta in Italy is worthy of an adventure film, sinuous as one could wish for. The next day, the sun appears and illuminates the whole valley with its golden foliage until the end of the...

Partez à la découverte de Nelson, le rayon de soleil des vins néo-zélandais - Les Grappes

Explore Nelson, the sunshine of New Zealand wines

The region of Nelson, in the North of the South Island of New Zealand, has been growing vines since the end of the 60s, to the delight of our taste buds! Zoom on this wine region...

Zoom sur le Xinjiang, vignoble chinois - Les Grappes

Zoom on Xinjiang, Chinese vineyard

In the space of a few handfuls of years, China has managed to create an area of vineyard neck and neck with the area of French vineyards, which took centuries to develop....

Partez à la découverte des vignobles de l’Uruguay - Les Grappes

Explore the vineyards of Uruguay

Here is an unusual trip with many surprises: tour Uruguay and its bodegas, taste some of the best Tannat wines in the world, meet the Uruguayan winemaking families...

Les Routes des Vins incontournables dans le monde - Les Grappes

The World's Indispensable Wine Routes

Certainly, France has very beautiful vineyards: the Bordeaux, Champagne or Burgundy, which attract several million tourists every year (according to Atout France). In addition, there are some ...

Les musées du vin - Oenotourisme France

Wine Museums

Wine, a product of excellence in the French style ... everyone loves it! To the glory of the winegrowers, their working methods and their products, the wine and vine museums are in the heart of the...