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What to drink while skiing?

Between cinnamon scented mulled wine and a nice little beer, skiing is the holiday destination par excellence in these winter months. Yes, but what kind of wine do you drink when skiing? The match opposes alpine appellations against those of the Pyrenees.

Suitcases stacked in the trunk, skis on the roof of the car. Let's go for a holiday in the mountains. From a weekend to a week, you're well and truly at the top of the resorts. Amateur of discovery and/or adorer of the "I live like the locals", you are around the table. Raclette, tartiflette, fondue, all the pleasures are out. And here you think of wine! One question: how to choose?

The choice of wine on a ski holiday

There are two rules to make your choice:

  1. You can play it local. Are you passionate about adventure and looking for the best experiences? Choose the option to discover the wines of the region!
  2. You prefer to base your choice on "the feeling of the moment"?
    After a nice day of descents in the good powder snow, you are only looking for the sweetness of a round, fat and warm wine, so favour Languedoc-Roussillon, South-West or Jura wines which will go perfectly with your tartiflettes, raclettes and fondue.Prefer white wines. They will bring tonus and embellish perfectly the aromas of the cheese. Irouléguy, Corbières or other Cahors and Gaillac will go perfectly with cold meats and dishes in sauce. Nota bene: for lovers of red on Fitou cheese, Côte Catalane or Fronton will spice up your tastes.
    If, on the contrary, you want something sharp, dry, taut that reminds you of your "extreme riding" side, choose Savoy appellations such as Cruet which will go perfectly with cheeses and soups. Mineral and lively, this appellation will be extravagant. The Bugey or some Savagnin du Jura will give a more floral and fruity flavour. An ideal accompaniment to cheeses, but they also go well with Morteau sausages and Basque chickens. In red, Bearn-Bellocq, Poulsard and Trousseau jurassien will go nicely with all your food and wine matches. Under their full-bodied tones, these wines will reveal delicate fruit aromas and small spices that are perfect for spicing up our succulent mountain dishes. Finally, if you only like the Loire and Bordeaux, then treat yourself, that's fine too.

The wine of the après-ski

After a snowshoe hike, you are hesitating about what to buy for the evening. Here's what to remember: ski dishes, synonymous with white wine. Full-bodied, fruity, light as you wish. They will know how to delicately juggle between the aromas of your dishes and your taste buds. However, the red wine remains in the game. Favour the light ones, with pretty spices and small red berries. If you prefer more intense red wines, don't hesitate to play the Madiran, Gaillac or Cahors cards, which will also embellish your mulled wine preparations.

On these kind recommendations, which I hope will serve to flatter your ego and impress your friends, I conclude as follows: make the most of these long-awaited moments to have fun, remember to hydrate yourself well on the slopes and remember that wine is made to be tasted in moderation!


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