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What to drink with pancakes?

To celebrate the end of hibernation, fertility or the arrival of pilgrims, many legends are linked to February 2nd. For most of us it's simply the occasion to eat pancakes with impunity! And to prepare them, each to his own recipe, but with that, what do we drink ? Some will tell you that there is only cider to go with a good pancake, but if this year you test the wine ! Little tips for a delicious wine pairing ...

For a simple and effective idea, to accompany a pancake salted as well as sweet, the light wines of Provence will do very well.

Many will go perfectly with your pancakes however some could prove to be rather disastrous. Indeed, not being a very strong-tasting dish, a too powerful or full-bodied wine would crush the flavours of your pancake, it would be a pity!

To accompany your savoury pancake, a light red wine will be welcome. You will need a greedy, light and round wine with supple and discreet tannins. Forget too spicy wines but you can turn to something a little sweeter and fruity. Sun-drenched wines from the South of France will be very good especially with a tomato sauce added to your pancake! If you are a fan of white, a dry Viognier will do very well!

With the traditional whole pancake (ham, egg, Emmental cheese melted to perfection): a fresh and easy to drink red. The "classic red" cuvée of Château La Calisse. A springtime nose; an explosion of freshly picked blackberries. Greedy on the palate with an invigorating finish.

What about dessert?

Jam, chocolate, spread or sugar, the options are vast to embellish your pancakes!

To accompany this, a Crémant Blanc de Blancs from Domaine François Schwach can be pleasant and make the moment festive with its delicate bubbles and a crisp, biscuit-like nose with crunchy notes of Golden apples.

For chocolate lovers, we will advise you with your eyes closed a Banyuls, the one from Domaine Madeloc with its touches of dried fruits, cocoa and spices will certainly convince you! Its mouth will surprise you with its unctuous consistency and controlled sweetness.

For the most traditionalists and defenders of the crepe Suzette, a Viognier all in roundness will accompany perfectly this legendary recipe.

Discover also other winemakers from the South of France, in Provence.

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