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What to drink with Chinese ravioli?

Due to the arrival of the Chinese New Year, we propose you some food and wine pairings around Chinese gastronomy. So now comes the time to look at Chinese ravioli, a must in Chinese cuisine. Les Grappes offers you some advice, as well as a selection of bottles that will perfectly accompany your dish!

If you are in a hurry

In case of emergency, you can go for a dry aromatic white wine from the Crépy appellation: it is a light, white Savoy wine, which will be perfect to accompany all your Chinese Ravioli. Enjoy your tasting!

The perfect match

Be careful not to try to break with the spicy side of the sauce by serving a full-bodied and powerful wine. On the contrary, prefer a light, young wine that will go well with chilli pepper.
This way you can serve a light red wine like a Mâcon, which will not hide the chilli pepper, but will accompany it. If you prefer a white wine, choose an aromatic dry white like an Alsace Gewurztraminer. These aromatic wines are full-bodied and fruity with hints of lychee and rose. This will bring freshness to your ravioli without breaking with the spices. The white wine will go very well with seafood and fish ravioli, but you can also serve it with pork ravioli.

The ideal names

With your Chinese ravioli, the ideal would be to serve a Gewurztraminer Alsace wine or a Gewurztraminer grand cru. These aromatic dry white wines can be combined with any type of ravioli by embracing the flavours and spice of this dish. In addition, these quality wines will lend themselves to the fervour of the Chinese New Year celebration.
If you opt for a red wine, we recommend a Gamay du Beaujolais or a Mâcon. These light wines bring a bit of sweetness to a very spicy dish because of the sauce, without hiding these tastes that make the essence of Chinese Ravioli.


This is a steamed dish and is usually served with a hot sauce. It may contain meat, fish or seafood. These are some clues that should guide your choice of wine to accompany the ravioli you serve.

Marie Lecrosnier-Wittkowsky for Les Grappes

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