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What to drink with sushi?

If you are in a hurry

The tastes to be associated with wine are numerous in the case of sushi: salts, acidity, fat, unctuousness, spiciness. White wine is to be preferred with fish, ideal?

  • A Chablis de Bourgogne, Pouilly-Fumé or Sancerre
  • A Loire wine.
  • A Pinot Noir in Alsace.
  • For red wine lovers, the wine of Anjou in the Loire is suitable.

Sushi and wine: exotic products to marry

Salty aspect of the soy sauce, spiciness of the wazabi, acidity of the pickled ginger, pasty side of the rice and fresh side of the fish. That's all there is to it. But no matter, the wines are so diverse, you can easily find wines to go with them! The iron in red wine and the iron in fish do not mix well, so we will choose a white wine first. The wine, once associated with sushi, should not be too soft to exist in front of ginger, but not too tannic or aromatic to crush fish and rice. It is a real Japanese puzzle.

The ideal appellations with sushi

Whites such as Chablis de Bourgogne in their youth will go well with sushi. The fatness of this wine will go well with fatty fish such as raw tuna and salmon. The wines of Pouilly-Fumé in the Loire, or Sancerre, will also go well with sushi. Finally the Pinot noir of Alsace, if you take it not too fat, will be the ideal companion of sushi. If you really only live for red wine, the red wine of Anjou, in the Loire is the most appropriate. What's next? Sake!

Sushi and wine: the world of ritual in common

The Japanese are the kings of rituals, symbols and ceremonies... Sushi is no exception to the rule! It takes no less than 10 years for an itamae chef to be recognized by his peers as mastering the art of sushi... With the sharpest knives in the world and being surrounded by fish, Japan has been able to make this dish a national symbol and export us! It is therefore up to us to tell you which wine to accompany it with, if you don't opt for sake.

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