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What to drink with the osso buco?

If you are in a hurry

The strength of the veal and the acidity of the sauce call for strong wines in taste.

  • The red wine to prefer: Bandol en Provence and Baux-de-Provence.
  • In rosé: the Côtes-de-Provence.

Osso buco: the combination of veal and wine

Bucco ? Buco ? Some even go as far as to write "bucho"... No matter how it is spelled, Osso buco is always delicious! A combination of tender and slightly fatty meat with a traditionally strong and sometimes sweet and sour sauce, this complex dish is an excellent way to eat veal while enjoying a variety of tastes. By cooking the citrus fruits, tomatoes and even the white wine in the sauce, the acidity is created that will make the search for the wine with which to pair our Osso buco interesting.

The ideal appellations for Osso buco

In red, it is the wines of Bandol, in Roussillon, which are very designated, they gather the characteristics of power and aromas required. To get closer to Italy and the native land of Osso buco, the red wines of the Baux-de-Provence, in the vineyards of Provence, are also indicated. For the rosés, all those of Roussillon and Provence will know how to marry with your Osso buco. The Côtes-de-Provence appellation is ideal for rosés!

The particularities of Osso buco

Osso buco requires wines that will be very expressive, strong in aromas, that can compete with the acidity of the sauce and exist in the mouth. The fruity aspect of the wine is necessary as much as the tannins so that the generosity of the wine does not spoil the delicate taste of the veal, which must be present despite the sauce and the wine! The aromas of ripe red fruit and citrus are welcome in the wines chosen to accompany your Osso buco.Red wine is therefore naturally highly recommended for this dish, but if for some reason red wine is not for you, there are very aromatic rosé wines that are rich enough to accompany Osso buco.

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