What to drink with a cassoulet?

A good cassoulet from Castelnaudary is a dish that invites us to revisit French gastronomy. But as Pierre Desproges said: "A cassoulet without wine is like a priest without Latin". Everything is said in this sentence. So: what wine to drink with a cassoulet?

Wine and cassoulet

Even if this proverb could work with all French gastronomic dishes, it is true that without a glass of wine, the dish is not the same. With cassoulet, you need, as you might expect, a rather strong red wine.

Cassoulet is perhaps the dish for which the famous Law of Terroir applies best: drink a wine from the region of the dish. What wine to drink with cassoulet when you know nothing about it?

Red wines from Languedoc and cassoulet

Red wines from the Languedoc region are perfect for cassoulet:

Other red wines to drink with cassoulet

Other regions can also be represented. Let's not be too chauvinistic to choose the wine that will delight your cassoulet:

Where to eat a good cassoulet ?

To eat a cassoulet, in Castelnaudary you will find the Maison du Cassoulet, which you will also find in Carcassonne, Toulouse, Font-Romeu, Bayonne, Lourdes and Saint-Lary.

Are you more of a Languedocien or a Southerner? It's up to you to choose the perfect wine to go with a good cassoulet shared with family or friends!

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