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What to drink with couscous?

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With a Couscous, we recommend :

A wine for every couscous

It is difficult to choose only one version of couscous, they all please us! So royal couscous, chicken couscous, sweeter couscous with lots of raisins... as many possible matches as there are recipes. A royal couscous traditionally goes with a rosé wine, more specifically, a vegetable couscous or a fish couscous will be better accompanied by a fruity, fruity wine.More specifically, a vegetable couscous or a fish couscous will be better accompanied by a fruity, generous and fairly supple wine, as it does not have to compete with very strong tastes in the couscous. Couscous with lamb kebabs and its spicy side will be ideal with a light and flowery rosé wine, to soften the mouth.

The ideal appellations to accompany a couscous

Which wine should go with couscous?Faugères rosé wines from theLanguedoc region are best for a royal couscous, as they will bring the essential sweetness to this spicy dish. Fish and 7 vegetables couscous will go perfectly with aSaint-Chinian wine, still in theLanguedoc, while very spicy couscous such as lamb kebab couscous will be better with a freshProvence wine.

For red wine lovers, the powerful wines of theCôtes-du-Rhône, in theRhône valley, will also be able to match the flavours of the couscous.

Couscous? No, the couscous!

Winner of all the contests, one of the favorite dishes of the French... I named the couscous ! You could not miss it, couscous is everywhere, declined in all its forms, and each of its versions is plebiscite ! So it becomes a headache to know with which wine to associate couscous... Don't panic: we have looked into the matter, saving you hours of hesitation.

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